Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My ring...

So the Friday before Mother's Day I was shocked when the girls at worked surprised me with a Mother's Day gift. I was sitting at my computer and working away. Then I was "arguing" with Chaka, my coworker, and she was asking me why I was yelling at her in front of ALL these people. What??? I thought it was just me, her & the guy that she was talking to. I turned around and pretty much all the ladies that I work with were standing in my cubicle staring at me. One was holding flowers with a card & one was holding a little black box. I was so shocked to see all of them. And immediately said "Y'all suck". Then I opened the card and right away started crying as I read "Love Jason, Kayla Joy & William Jason". And so I said "See I told y'all you sucked even before I opened the card." Man that was hard. I think all the girls were crying at the point and laughing at the same time. Next I opened the little box and saw that they had gotten me my Mother's ring that I had wanted to get with our names on it. It's so beautiful. See below:They told me that it was taking longer to come in than they expected, but that it was perfect timing for Mother's Day and in time for the March of Dimes walk.
I forgot to post about the BEAUTIFUL blanket they got me. The corner pictures are in color, the pictures of William are in black & white. It's a woven blanket - it's amazing how they are able to print pictures on a blanket like that.


  1. What wonderful coworkers and friends! Your ring is very beautiful! I like how it has your names on it too. :) I love your blanket! It is amazing what they can do with photos!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the ring, and the blanket is perfect too, what great friends you have. There is indeed good in the world!!!!

  3. That is beautiful, both the ring and the blanket! What amazing friends you have to give you such gifts! Wow!

    When is your walk? I want to donate!

  4. What amazing coworkers you have! That ring is beautiful, and the blanket is wonderful. I didnt realize they could do things like that!

  5. How wonderful! I will have to take a look at them tonight.