Wednesday, May 27, 2009

11 weeks

Today is 11 weeks since William was born into Heaven. Still can't believe it. I miss my little man so much. And wishing Kayla had the chance to be the best big sister ever. Seeing her see other babies is so amazing and hurts me so much cuz I know how AWESOME she'd be with her baby William. I never thought I'd feel sad or mad that other women had babies and I didn't, I think it hurts more because Kayla won't get that experience even though she is a a big sister. She is so amazing and I love how she hasn't forgotten her Daddy or baby brother. Not that I think she ever will but she's so young so I wasn't sure if she'd remember. But she loves talking about them and has even seen them too. I am glad they come to visit her. I haven't had that experience yet...I don't think I am ready and my boys know that. One day I know it'll be amazing.


  1. I hope that Kayla always remembers her daddy and baby brother. As Kyndra gets older we will tell her about Carleigh and I'm sure keeping pictures out of her will help. Kayla IS a great big sister!!

  2. We always have those thoughts... will we remember???? Its because of you that she remembers the love so much. You or Kayla will never forgot your boys. Holly is right... SHe is the best big sister ever... SHe held her baby, sang to her baby, wanted to take off his diaper. Eveything the best big sister will do. But I know what you mean. The love she has for him is so strong...unconditional for sure.
    How can anyone forget those handsome men.

    I love you Sara and Kayla. Always in my heart.
    To Baby Willy and Jason- Thanks for visiting us and Kayla. Sara will get there one of these days, I will push her. COme see the kids when they are playing "ghosthunters" LOL