Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Sister Kayla...

So I finally bought Kayla a "big sister" shirt at Kohl's a couple of weeks ago (I believe it's the same one that Carleigh's big sister, Kyndra has). She wore it one day last week to daycare - she was super excited. Kayla fell asleep on the couch that night in the clothes she wore to daycare, so instead of waking her up to change into pjs, I just let her sleep in those clothes. Well the next day she did not want to take off the shirt. She said that she wanted to be a big sister. I told her that she was a big sister and that the shirt didn't change that. Today at lunch I went to Carter's store and found another big sister shirt - this one says "Big Sisters Rock". It is super cute - I would have taken a picture, but can't seem to find my camera right now. Kayla is excited to wear it tomorrow. I am sure she will not want to take it off tomorrow when we get ready for bed. Buying that shirt reminded me that I never posted videos of William & Kayla. She sang songs to him at the hospital. She's such a great BIG SISTER. Sorry to all that I am not better at posting things here. I will try to get better. :) UPDATE - so I guess I can't post videos just yet. The two videos I have are bigger than the max. that I can post. I will need to figure out how to get them up. Stay tuned...sorry.

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  1. Hey I love that tshirt! It's so darn cute. :) That's neat you found one too! Aww, she's so proud to be a big sister! She may need a whole weeks worth of Big Sister tees-one to wear every day! lol

    I've tried to post videos too. It was fine at first but now it seems to take forever to load them-at least for me. So long that I just give up in the end.