Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is it a BOY or a GIRL...

December 19th was the day that I finally found out who is living in my belly. Is it William Jason, the baby boy my husband & I always wanted. Or is it Marisa Ariel, the little girl that we just knew we'd have. Well there we were Samantha, Jason, Kayla & I in the room with the sonographer waiting to find out. And bam right on the screen was Lil Willy J showing us that he was definitely a boy!! Too funny! We couldn't believe it, well I couldn't anyways. I just started to cry, I was so happy. Poor Kayla wanted a little sister, she was too cute. During the sonogram the sonographer told us that there was something wrong with the pregnancy. He said "There is something significantly wrong with the baby's head". He didn't go into detail because he wanted my doctor to go over everything with me. So Samantha & I waited FOREVER for the doctor to see us. She told us that he has "anencephaly" which is a defect where the back of the brain & skull do not form and that he will not survive birth. There's a possibility of him being still born, maybe being alive for a few minutes up to 10 days. She setup an appointment for me on the 22nd to get a second opinion. Samantha could not get off work to go with me, so Jason went with me. I was already prepared to hear the same thing as before, so I was pretty much just numb the whole time he was talking to me. I left there just as confused as before. Still in disbelief of everything that I've had to go through already. But now I had to decide whether I would medically terminate the pregnancy now or continue on to full term. How can anyone make this decision???

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  1. GodMommy prayed that the baby was going to be a boy. He has to be a boy.
    GodDaddy knew he was a boy. He's comment when Willy J was showing his stuff. I beleive was " I'm not surprized, I knew" with that smerk on his face :)
    Jason will not show it- He's strong, His heart was ripped out as well. But he will do what he does- Does not show it to the public.
    What would we do, we ask......