Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keepsakes that I will cherish forever...

Samantha contacted this organization called Now I Lay me Down to Sleep which provides a photography service free of charge to families that know their babies will not survive for very long after birth. Samantha talked to a lady named Sandy, who is with All About Me Photography and she said she was awesome. She will be at the hospital after William is born to take pictures. I'm glad we will have someone there to take pictures of our time with him. Sandy is also going to provide us with a maternity session to capture the moments while I'm still pregnant. I'm very excited that she will be taking pictures of me while I'm big and fat. HAHA. But I'm really excited to have Kayla participate in the session too. I just need to figure out when to do it. It seems like I'm running out of time so quickly. The month of March is already filling up quickly - I'm super busy. I have Kayla's dress, but need to figure out what I'm going to wear.

I also just bought a belly cast kit & an infant hand/foot casting kit from Casting Keepsakes. I can't wait to do the belly cast, I've always wanted to do one, but never did one with Kayla. I already have Kayla's hand & foot in a mold - so it'll be nice to have one for William too.

Something we might do for Kayla:

A ring that I want to get for myself (I used the April birthstone for William just incase he comes early - if not it'll be the darker green stone)


  1. Wow I love those things, how sweet.

  2. I love everything that you are going to do. Its going to be great. You know that you can always call me and tell me what else you need done and I will do it. I hope I am getting everything done on the list. Let me know if I missed onew :)
    I can;t wait for the naked maternity photos :)
    8 x 10 on my wall baby.

  3. I love it.. that is so cool. I didn't know they had all of those things available. Such a good idea!

  4. I'm so glad that my sister told me of that service. I'm sure that the pics will come out great and I can't wait to see your big old belly in there. I love the shirt and ring. I think those are wonderful ideas.