Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow written...

My family lives in Virginia where they have gotten hit with some snow here lately. I don't think the entire time I lived in VA did I see this much snow. :) I am glad I'm in Texas right now because I really hate the cold and the snow!

I decided to ask my sister to write William's name in the snow. She posted pics on my facebook and she also wrote Jason's name and my Memaw's name in the snow. I think they turned out great. THANKS NIKKI!

We are coming up on William's 11 month me that's so insane. The last couple of days I have been replaying some things in my head. Between Jason's accident and William's birth my head has been spinning. I went through the intersection of Jason's accident today and then the u-turn where the van I was in was when they told me he had passed. I just flashed back to sitting in that van hearing the news. I did get to see his cross still standing strong which is great because I figured we'd have to go repair it with all the issues we had putting it up.

I am already planning William's bday party. I am going to invite family & friends over to help put his scrapbook together. I've had his scrapbook for a while, but just have never gotten around to starting it. I still need to print all the pictures I have. The other day I bought a photo album from Kohl's that is blue and says "Angel" with stars on it. I thought it was perfect. I am looking forward to starting his scrapbook, it's going to be so beautiful. Afterwards we will definitely have a balloon release.

Hope to post more soon...if not, definitely for his birthday.


  1. Love the names in the snow. Great idea! I had no idea that is where you were when you found out about Jason, I thought it was at the hospital for some reason. I pass by the cross often, and it still looks great. I think about him all the time, but especially when driving by there. I can't believe it has almost been a year since William was born. Time is going by so fast. I can't wait for the scrapbook party, we will have a great time and make it look great!

  2. I like how the names are written in the snow. :) It's beautiful! It's crazy to think how long it's been already. Wish they were still here.

  3. just wanted to say.I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DEARLY.